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Boiferry Ltd (Our Certificate of incorporation no is: C-174360/2021 Launched in 2021 but we founded & starting our operation in 2018, Boiferry.com is a premier online book-selling marketplace with an active presence all over the country. And this is a sister concern company of Winners Bazar.com.

Supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, and data service solutions. This is an ideal marketplace for selling books online. And the very first marketplace where we provide a genuine E-Book platform through subscriptions.

This is the platform where we gather all over the publications, readers, and writers and emphasize our service by providing the best and most secure E-Book service to the whole country.

Boiferry Ltd has more than a thousand books to offer, growing at a very fast pace. Boiferry Ltd offers a diverse assortment of various segmented books for their customers.

Boiferry Ltd is focused on providing an excellent customer experience, ease of purchase, comprehensive customer care, and hassle-free shopping and return policy.

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