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সূচিপত্রঃ- গল্পের আগে ১১ দ্য প্রেজেন্ট গল্পটি ১৫ হচ্ছে ২৯ শিক্ষা ৩৮ তৈরি করা হচ্ছে ৪৫ “অবশ্যই” ৬১ দ্যা প্রেজেন্ট : গল্প পরে ৬৩ গল্প পরে
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ISBN: 9789849458609
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স্পেনসার জনসন
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স্পেনসার জনসন (Spencer Johnson)

(November 24, 1938 – July 3, 2017) was an American physician and author, known for the ValueTales series of children's books, and for his 1998 motivational book Who Moved My Cheese?, which recurred on the New York Times Bestseller list, on the Publishers Weekly Hardcover nonfiction list. Johnson was chairman of Spencer Johnson Partners. Rightly known as the king of parables, is an eminent and respected motivational speaker, writer, and management consultant. His best known works include Value Tales series, The Present, Paradoxical Commandments, The One Minute Manager, “Yes" or "No": The Guide to Better Decisions, and Peaks And Valleys. His works have gained popularity for his simple solutions to complex problems. His practical and universal principles have garnered much interest from readers all over the world. Born in South Dakota, Spencer graduated from Notre Dame High School and has a BA in psychology from the University of Southern California. He completed his MD from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Johnson is also the chairman of Spencer Johnson Partners.

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